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Answering a call from the aerospace industry to improve the machining of difficult to machine alloys, Seco developed Jetstream Tooling® - a revolutionary new coolant system.

Jetstream Tooling delivers coolant to the optimum position close to the cutting edge. This jet of coolant lifts the chip away from the rake face, improving chip control and tool life enabling increased cutting data to be applied.

Effective heat removal
The effective removal of heat from the cutting zone is one of the most important considerations affecting cutting tool performance. For coolant to be really effective it needs to remove heat quickly from the cutting zone. A directed coolant flow which puts coolant precisely where it is required is much more efficient.

Jetstream Tooling is so effective at removing heat from the cutting zone that the chip rapidly cools, which hardens the chip making it brittle.

Have both
With Jetstream Tooling you no longer have to make a choice between tool life and productivity - now you can have both. With higher cutting speeds, longer tool life and improved chip control, low cost unmanned production is now a possibility.



Seco’s Jetstream Tooling Duo range adds a second coolant jet to the highly successful product family. The new design uses an additional coolant jet to flush the clearance surface, in addition to the upper jets that are directed to the optimal point of the rake face. Jetstream Tooling Duo also includes an optional inducer for roughing, in addition to the standard mounted inducer for finishing and medium-roughing.

Jetstream Tooling Duo now incorporates the extremely reliable P-holder lever design which replaces the previous eccentric pin design.

Combined, all of these features achieve substantial improvements to productivity, tool life, insert indexing and part quality. This results in less need for supervision and better potential for unmanned production.

Jetstream Tooling Duo is available for negative insert types CNxx, WNxx, SNxx, DNxx, VNxx and TNxx. Shank and Seco-CaptoTM options are available and optional inducers can be used to optimise performance in roughing applications